Oral Contributions

Dr. Stefania Tanase Grecea (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Van’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Title: Proton conductive lanthanide-based metal-organic frameworks

Dr. Elisabete Oliveira (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal
Title: Chemistry of Sensing Materials: Solution and Solid State Studies

Dr. Krasimira Petrova (Confirmed)

Affiliation: LAQV, REQUIMTE, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Caparica (Portugal)
Title: Synthesis and characterization of novel biodegradable sacharides-containing polymers

Dr. Matthias D’hooghe (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Sustainable Organic Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University (Belgium)
Title: Synthetic small-ring azaheterocyclic chemistry

Dr. F. Novio (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spain)
Title: Coordination Polymer Nanoconstructs: From Molecular Switches to Theranostics

Dr. Jasmina Sabolovic (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institut za Medicinska Istrazivanja i Medicinu Rada, Zagreb (Croatia)
Title: Quantum chemical studies of physiological bis(amino acodato)copper(II) complexes

Dr. Vitor Freitas (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
University of Porto, Faculty of Science
Title: Molecular study of astringency: Interaction between tannins and human saliva proteins by STD-NMR

Dr. M. Matsui (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Gifu University, Japan
Title: Performance improvement of indoline dyes in dye-sensitized solar cell

Dr. Long-Li Lai (Confirmed)

Affiliation: National Chi Nan University, Department of Applied Chemistry, Puli (Taiwan)
Title: An unconventional approach to induce liquid crystalline phases of triazine-based dendrons by breaking their self-assembly into dimers

Dr. M. T. Gimeno

Affiliation: Fundación para la investigación, Hospital La Fe de Valencia, Spain
Title: Targeting myocardial injury with multimodal imaging liposomes

Dr. Juozas Vidas Grazulevicius (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Polymer Chemistry and Technology, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
Title: Carbazole-based organic semiconductors for optoelectronics

Dr. Anna Painelli (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Universita degli Studi di Parma (Italy)
Title: Molecular materials for two-photon application in bioimaging and nanofabrication

Dr. Sylvain Collet (Confirmed)

Affiliation: CEISAM Laboratory, Universite de Nantes (France)
Title: Common strategy for the synthesis of angucycline, calothrixine and pluramycin skeletons

Dr. Pablo Martín-Ramos (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Title: Erbium (III) beta-diketonates as multifunctional complexes for NIR-emission in OLEDs and for Single-Ion Magnetism

Dr. Tzonka Mineva (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institute Charles Gerhardt, Montpellier (France)
Title: Dynamics of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: current advances and challenges for computational studies

Dr. J. Avó (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal
Title: Ionic Liquid-based Photorheological Fluids

Dr. Viviane Pilla (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Institute of Physics, Uberlandia (Brazil)
Title: Spectroscopic and thermo-optical characterization of core-shell quantum dots embedded in synthetic oral fluid: temporal dynamics

Dr. Valérie Heitz (Confirmed)

Affiliation: CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire de Synthèse des Assemblages Moléculaires Multifonctionnels, Paris (France)
Title: Synthesis, in vitro and in cellulo studies of new porphyrin conjugates for theranostic applications

Dr. Gilles Frison (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Ecole Polytechnique, Department of Chemistry, Palaiseau (France)
Title: Donor and acceptor properties of N-heterocyclic carbenes with respect to their electronic structures

Dr. S. Mukherjee (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University of Kalyani, India
Title: Metal free catalysis towards the syntesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals using CO2 as C1 carbon source

Dr. A. Fermi (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University of Namur, Belgium
Title: Asymmetrical N-substituted naphthalenes diimides as building blocks in multichromophoric systems

Dr. Xavi Ribas (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Grup de Química Bioinspirada, Supramolecular i Catàlisi, Departament de Química i Institut de Química Computacional i Catàlisi, Universitat de Girona (Spain)
Title: Model systems for unraveling fundamental redox processes of coinage metals

Dr. Fabrizia Negri (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna, Department of Chemistry G. Ciamician, Bologna (Italy)
Title: Unravelling structure-property relationships from modelling charge transport oforganic semiconductors

Dr. Hugo Santos (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal
Title: An integrative multi-platform analysis for diagnostic and prognostic in nephrology

Dr. Patrick Gamez (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Departament de Química Inorgànica, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)
Title: Modulating the biological properties of platinum(II) complexes through ligand photoswitching

Dr. Peter Brüggeller (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry, Centre for Chemistry and Biomedicine, University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Title: Translational chemistry in energy research: photocatalytic H2-production by earth abundant metals

Dr. Daniel Escudero Masa (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universite de Nantes, Nantes (France)
Title: Design and Synthesis of Benzimidazoles-2-carbamates of Potential Antimicrobial Activities

Dr. A. Pereira (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University of Aveiro, Portugal
Title: Electron donor-acceptor substituted porphyrinic macrocycles: recent developments for solar cells conception

Dr. Roberta Pinalli (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universita degli Studi di Parma, Department of Chemistry, Parma (Italy)
Title: Molecular Recognition of Amino Acid with Phosphonate Cavitands

Dr. José Lorenzo Alonso Gómez (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Departamento de Química Orgánica, Universidade de Vigo (Spain)
Title: Chiroptical Systems on the Road to Sensing

Dr. Jordi Poater (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Theoretical Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Title: The role of hydrogen bonding, stacking interactions, twist angle and solvation in B-DNA structure and stability

Dr. Richard Walton (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, Coventry (United Kingdom)
Title: New Hydrothermal Synthesis Routes to Functional Oxides for Energy Applications

Dr. F.Collin (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Université de Toulouse, France
Title: Metal catalyzed oxidation of the amyloid beta peptide and consequence on the production of reactive oxygen species

Dr. Aureliano Alves (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universidade do Algarve, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faro (Portugal)
Title: Decavanadate molecular targets: a putative mode of action for polyoxometalates?

Dr. Lidia Feliu (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universitat de Girona, Department of Chemistry, Girona (Spain)
Title: Antimicrobial peptides for plant disease control: lead optimization

Dr. Claudia Caltagirone (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universita degli Studi di Cagliari, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, Cagliari (Italy)
Title: Synthesis and characterisation of neutral hydrogen-bond donor receptors for anion recognition

Dr. Marcus A. Worsley (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Advanced Materials Synthesis
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Ave, L-235
Livermore, CA 94551, USA
Title: 3D Assembly of 2D Nanomaterials

Dr. Ryan Chiechi (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Stratingh Institute for Chemistry and Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen (Netherlands)
Title: Contacting Molecules Using Bottom-up Nanostructures

Dr. Avarvari Narcis (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Laboratoire MOLTECH-Anjou, Universite d’Angers (France)
Title: Helical (supra)molecular chirality in tetrathiafulvalenes (TTF) and derived materials

Dr. Marie-Helene Delville (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Bordeaux Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry, Universite Bordeaux (France)
Title: Interactions of Nanoparticles with living organisms their quantification and toxicological impacts

Dr. Philippe Lainé (Confirmed)

Affiliation: ITODYS Laboratory, CNRS-Université Paris Diderot, Paris (France)
Title: Towards translational Implementations of Expanded Pyridiniums

Dr. Sylvain Achelle (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes, University of Rennes (France)
Title: Structural modifications of diazine push-pull derivatives to tune luminescence and non-linear optical properties.

Dr. Pascale Delangle (Confirmed)

Affiliation: CEA Grenoble, Grenoble (France)
Title: Bio-inspired metal-chelating peptides and pseudo-peptides as promising detoxification agents

Dr. Liliana Dobrzanska (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Title: Solvent-induced transformations in single-crystals of calixarenes

Dr. Christelle Hureau (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universite de Toulouse (France)
Title: Cu ligands with high selectivity over Zn to combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Anil K. Saikia (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam (India)
Title: Development of new strategies for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and natural products

Dr. Marcos Mandado (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vigo (Spain)
Title: Computational chemistry techniques for detection of biomolecules on graphene substrates using SERS

Dr. Anna Company (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institut de Química Computacional i Catàlisi, Universitat de Girona (Spain)
Title: Selective ortho-hydroxylation–defluorination of 2-fluorophenolates with a bis(m-oxo)dicopper(III) species

Dr. Arkaitz Correa (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Organic Chemistry-I, University of the Basque Country (Spain)
Title: Iron-catalyzed direct a-arylation of ethers

Dr. Marine Desage-El Murr (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France)
Title: Cooperative catalysis with non-innocent ligands

Dr. Kirill Monakhov (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Institut für Anorganische Chemie, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen (Germany)
Title: Functionalized molecular magnets for spintronic applications

Dr. Pavel Arsenyan (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (Latvia)
Title: Selenium Halides as a Source for the Synthesis of Novel Pharmacomodulators

Dr. D. Bopegedera (Confirmed)

Affiliation: The Evergreen State College, USA
Title: Chemistry the Central Science in the Service of Interdisciplinary Education

Dr. Gaulthier Rydzek (Confirmed)

Affiliation: National Institute for Materials Science, International Center for Material Nanoarchitectonic, Tsukuba (Japan)
Title: Polyaniline materials for energy and environment: toward versatile nanostructured surfaces and catalysts

Dr. Pascale Moreau (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Clermont Université, Université Blaise Pascal, Institut de Chimie de Clermont Ferrand, Groupe “Inhibiteurs d’enzymes et de récepteurs” (France)
Title: Synthesis of new heteroaromatic compounds exhibiting protein kinase inhibitory potencies

Dr. S. G. Grau (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Title: Strategies for selective optical sensing of NOx in environmental and cell studies

Dr. Jesús Martínez de la Fuente (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Materials Science Institute of Aragon, CSIC-University of Zaragoza, Spain, & Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China
Title: Hybrid Nanoparticles for Therapy and Diagnosis

Dr. Ryota Sakamoto (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Graduate School of Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo (Japan)
Title: Photofunctional bis(dipyrrinato)metal complex nanowire and nanosheet

Dr. Pier Luigi Gentili (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, Perugia (Italy)
Title: The Development of Chemical Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Complexity and Chaos

Dr. Aldo Romani (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, Perugia (Italy)
Title: Visiting museums with a chemical lab: the European Mobile Laboratory experience

Dr. Helena Vasconcelos (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Biological Sciences, Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
Title: Studying the antitumor activity of a multifunctional small molecule

Dr. Shoubhik Das (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Institut des sciences et ingénierie chimiques (Switzerland)
Title: Metal free catalysis towards the syntesis of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals using CO2 as C1 carbon source

Dr. Marcel Fuciman (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Jihoceska Univerzita v Ceskuch Budejovicich, Faculty of Science, Ceské Budejovice (Czech Republic)
Title: Exploring the Energetic Structure of Carotenoids with Multipulse, Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

Dr. Sylvestre Bonnet (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Gorlaeus Laboratories, Leiden (Netherlands)
Title: Upconverting lipid vesicles for the red light activation of anticancer metallodrugs

Dr. Barbara La Ferla (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Biotechnology and Bioscienc, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano (Italy)
Title: Organic Chemistry: Functionalised Glyco-Nanoparticles for therapeutic-targeting

Dr. Angela Serpe (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche, Universita degli Studi di Cagliari (Italy)
Title: Old reagents for new applications: dithiomalonamide-based lixiviants for palladium dissolution/recovery

Dr. Ran Friedman (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Linnaeus University, Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences (Sweden)
Title: Resistance to targeted therapy against cancer: lessons from thermodynamics

Dr. Fabrice Pointillart (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Chemical Sciences Institute of Rennes, CNRS-University of Rennes (France)
Title: Single Molecule Magnet behaviour in Tetrathiafulvalene-based Complexes of Lanthanides

Dr. M. Sgarzi (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Università di Bologna, Italy
Title: Cubosomes as platforms for theranostic nanomedicine

Dr. Nicolas Louvain (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universite Montpellier 2 Sciences et Techniques, Montpellier (France)
Title: Surface-fluorination for active electrode protection technology – a glance at fluorinated titanium dioxide materials… and more!

Dr. María López Guerrero (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Malaga (Spain)
Title: Development of a new method for preconcentration, chemical vapor generation and determination of metal ions by ICP-OES in environmental samples using magnetic nanoparticles.

Dr. Pierre Rabu (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Fondation IcFRC International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry, Strasbourg (France)
Title: Ion-exchange, micro-wave assisted reactions and post-functionalization: A versatile toolbox for the functionalization of 2D materials

Dr. Han Vos (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Dublin City University, School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin (Ireland)
Title: The application of Solar Light Driven for Hydrogen Generation from Water.

Dr. Andreia Valente (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Structural Chemistry Centre, Science Faculty, University of Lisbon (Portugal)
Title: Multifunctional polymer-ruthenium cyclopentadienyl complexes: new promising anticancer agents

Dr. V. Dodero (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universität Bielefeld, Germany
Title: Towards the understanding of gliadin related diseases using the chemist’s toolbox

Dr. Maurizio Benaglia (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universita degli Studi di Milano, Department of Chemistry (Italy)
Title: Stereoselective organocatalytic reactions under continuous-flow conditions

Dr. L. Lajaunie (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Title: Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies on chalcogenide misfit nanotubes and carbon-based nanostructures

Dr. Guillermo Guerrero-Vasquez (Confirmed)

Affiliation: CEISAM Laboratory, Universite de Nantes (France)
Title: Recent advances in the synthesis of kidamycin

Dr. Tomokazu Umeyama (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Molecular Engineering, Kyoto (Japan)
Title: Photofunctional nanocarbon composites

Dr. P. Poeta (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University NOVA of Lisbon, Portugal
Title: Fighting multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria using gold (AuNPs) and silver (AgNPs) funtionalized nanoparticles as antibiotic carriers

Dr. Marta Correia da Silva (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR/CIMAR), University of Porto, Portugal. Department of Chemical Sciences, Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto
Title: Other face of the anticoagulant sulfated molecules coin: the promising of non-toxic antifouling agents

Dr. Maria Cieslak-Golonka (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Wroclaw University of Technology, Chemistry Department (professor emeritus)
Title: Equilibrium change between solvent components as a new driving force for single crystal to single crystal (SC-SC) transformation observed in discrete Ni(II) complexes with hydantoin derivative

Dr. Yoshiaki Uchida (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Japan Science and Technology Agency, Kawaguchi (Japan)
Title: Magnetic Interactions in Liquid Crystalline Phases of Nitroxide Radicals

Dr. Holger Stephan (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Dresden (Germany)
Title: Ultrasmall nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Dr. Jean-Pierre Bazureau (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Chemical Sciences Institute of Rennes, University of Rennes (France)
Title: Molecular design and synthetic strategy of affinity chromatography with agarose-immobilized 2-amino imidazoline-4-one for exploration of neuroprotectives properties of Leucettines in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Yongmei Zheng (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Beihang University, School of Chemistry and Environment, Beijing (China)
Title: Bioinspired gradient micro- and nanostructured surfaces with dynamic wettability

Dr. José Paulo Barbosa Mota (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Caparica (Portugal)
Title: Emerging Technologies for the Development and Operation of Continuous Processing of Viral Vaccines and Vectors

Dr. Silverio Coco (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universidad de Valladolid, Facultad de Ciencias, Valladolid (Spain)
Title: Luminescent Hybrid inorganiz/organiz dual columnar liquid crystals: from molecules to mesophases

Dr. Samuele Rinaldi (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Life and Environmental Sciences – Università Politecnica Marche, Ancona (Italy)
Title: New 8-helix foldamers based on a-hydrazido acids

Dr. Ana Isabel Tomaz (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Centro de Quimica Estrutural, Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University (Portugal)
Title: Developing new ruthenium compounds as anti-tumor metallodrugs

Dr. A. G.Ramos (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Title: Stabilisation and Reactivity Investigations of Low-Coordinate Transition m-Terphenyl Metal Complexes Using

Dr. Takeshi Yamao (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Kyoto Institute of Technology, Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Kyoto (Japan)
Title: Growth and device application of oligomer semiconductor crystals

Dr. Debasis Das (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta (India)
Title: Recent Development on Model study of the Active site of Catechol Oxidase

Dr. Raphael Tripier (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, UFR Sciences et Techniques, Brest (France)
Title: Synthesis and coordination chemistry of azachelators for nuclear medicine. From chemicals to PET imaging

Dr. Yann Trolez (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Rennes (France)
Title: The reactivity of ynamides with tetracyanoethylene: towards new 1,1,4,4-tetracyanobuta-1,3-dienes

Dr. Biju Silvanose (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, KU-Leuven, Belgium
Title: Lanthanide containing upconversion nanoparticles as bimodal contrast agents for MRI and Optical imaging

Dr. S. K. Park (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, South Korea
Title: UV-crosslinkable liquid prepolymers: chemical criteria for fine wrinkle formation

Dr. J. Parola (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University of Lisbon, Portugal
Title: pH-Tunable fluorescence and photochromic properties of flavylium-based MCM-41 pigments

Dr. Kathleen Moineau-Chane Ching (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination du CNRS , FRANCE
Title: Design, synthesis, and characterization of new small molecules for electronic organics: application of direct hetero-arylation using ligand-less palladium catalyst

Dr. Wei-Yin Sun (Confirmed)

Affiliation: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University
Title: Porous metal-organic frameworks with mixed multicarboxylate and imidazole-containing ligands: selective sorption and fluorescence sensing

Dr. Teresa Casimiro (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University Nova of Lisbon (Portugal)
Title: Development of polymers with molecular recognition ability using supercritical fluid technology. A clean approach for pharmaceutical applications.

Dr. A. Kivrack (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Yüzüncü Yil Üniversity, Turkey
Title: Synthesis of Tiyeno[3,2-c]carbazol Derivatives

Dr. Teresa Albelda (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Hospital La Fe de Valencia (Spain)
Title: Targeting myocardial injury with multimodal imaging liposomes

Dr. Luis Branco (Confirmed)

Affiliation: University NOVA of Lisbon (Portugal)
Title: Applications of Task-Specific Ionic Liquids based on Metals

Dr. David Peralta (Confirmed)

Affiliation: Editorial WILEY. ChemistryOpen.
Title: Your manuscript through an editor’s eyes: some insights into publishing today